Who We Are:

Tri State Mold Testing is an independent company that provides mold inspections and tests in the Tri State area. We are a family owned and operated business and when we undertake a mold inspection, we want you to feel informed and secure and know that the service you are paying for is honest and reliable.

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What We Do:

We provide mold inspection tests that are quick, accurate, and informative. Within 3 days of taking the mold test, you will receive results from a certified laboratory and a comprehensive mold report explaining the results. We also provide post mold remediation clearance testing. Clearing testing ensures that the mold remediation company you hire was successful in removing the mold.

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Mold Assessment

Our five-step process for mold assessment and testing is fast, reliable, and accurate.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging lets us find problems before they happen.


Our trained inspectors will confirm your building is clean efficiently and honestly.

Housing and Development

Our specialized, automated process makes us one of the fastest and most accurate in the business.

Our Prices

Our mold assessment reports are understandable, expansive, and affordable.

Why We Matter:

Hiring an independent company to conduct a mold inspection is vital to getting honest and reliable findings because there is no conflict of interest. Our process is entirely automated, which allows us to faster and more efficient than out competitors.

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