The purpose of a Post-Mold Remidiation Inspection (PRVI) is to determine if the mold has been properly cleaned and that the cleanup did not distribute mold dust and debris into the surrounding area or the building’s air and ventilation systems. A PRVI is done by one of our trained inspectors and consists of the following:

Visual Inspection

Our inspector will first ensure that the targeted areas are completely clear of mold and milder, and ensure fungicidal sealant was properly applied to prevent more from growing in the near future. This is also when they ensure the mold has been properly disposed of.

Clearance Sampling

Next, our inspector collects samples of any physical surfaces that are discolored or dirty in the treated area, paying special attention to areas that susceptible to cross-contamination, such as air and ventilation systems. We will also collect one air sample from inside the treated area, and another from outside the treated area to ensure cross-contamination did not occur.

General Property Condition

Our inspector will examine the property and take note of any conditions or issues that may make the building susceptible to mold in the future. These can vary from weaknesses (like cracks or or gaps) in the building to unfixed leaks in pipes or clogged gutters.

Process Clearance Data

Just as before, the inspector will send the samples to our lab for analysis and you will receive a detailed report in 1-3 days. If your property is free of mold, we will provide you with a certificate of clearance stating that your building is officially mold free.

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