A mold assessment of an area of concern includes the following data which will be compiled into a report that you will receive 1-3 days after the inspection:

1) Moisture detection of areas where water damage is observed. Moisture levels (over 20%) are recorded in our report.

2) Images of areas of concern

3) Approximate square footage of the affected area

4) Source identification – if possible

5) Remediation recommendations, if necessary

In some cases, air tests and/or surface samples may be suggested to confirm the type of mold that is growing in the area(s) of concern and the extent of cross contamination, if any. Generally, it is suggested to take one of each type of sample for any area where there is contamination noted over a certain amount of surface area, moisture is detected and/or heavy growth is observed. This is one of the things we can assess during our visual inspection and at that point discuss further testing.

Our fee for the assessment starts at $300 – $400 (depending on where you are located) which will include one indoor air sample and one outdoor control sample. If additional tests are necessary (or requested), it is an additional $75 per air, wall cavity or surface test. 

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